1. I’ve seen other mobile dental companies that treat patients in a van or other motor vehicle. Is that what you are providing?

We are not a van operation. We are a concierge house call dental service with state-of-the-art portable dental technology that we physically transport into your residence, be it a private home or senior living community, which allows our clients to maintain their safety and privacy.

2. What types of dental services can you provide?

We are able to provide almost any dental service/procedure that a traditional office can provide. This includes x-rays, cleanings, fillings, dentures, extractions, crowns and bridges, endodontics (root canal therapy) and teeth whitening.

3. My loved one cannot get out of bed/wheelchair -- can you provide care?

Absolutely. We have provided care on many occasions to clients using a wheelchair or needing a hoyer lift, as well as clients in bed. Our dentists have an advanced capability providing this care.

4. My loved one has Dementia/Alzheimer’s -- can you treat him/her?

Yes. We specialize in care for clients with memory care concerns and have specific training to meet these needs. We also have two Certified Dementia Practitioners on staff and our C.E.O. chairs the Dementia Friendly America initiative in Montgomery County, MD.

5. Do you do private home visits?

Yes. We visit private homes in DC, MD & VA.

6. Do you require a minimum number of patients to visit my loved one’s community?

No. We provide care to individuals as the needs of each person vary and emergency dental concerns require immediate attention. We take the responsibility of building our schedule to properly service each and every client.

7. Do you accept dental insurance?

District Mobile Dental does not accept insurance. In fact, it is estimated that only about 10 percent of seniors carry a private dental insurance. However, we assist our clients in filing claims by providing them with ledgers (receipts) that indicate the services provided and allows them to submit claims. Clients are then reimbursed directly by the insurance companies.

8. How are payments made for dental services provided?

Payment information is part of our registration forms, and will be processed as procedures are completed. All procedures require prior authorization.

9. Will Medicare cover my dental expenses?

Section 1862(a)(12) of the Social Security Act provides a blanket exclusion for dental care coverage under Medicare. In other words, Medicare will not cover your fees associated with dental care.

10. How do I schedule a first appointment?

To register, call 240.485.8688. Forms will be emailed to you, and upon completion, your visit will be scheduled. These comprehensive forms provide us with information about an individual’s health that is necessary to safely treat all patients in an effective manner.

11. Why are the registration forms necessary?

FACE sheets from assisting living communities are insufficient to register a patient to a private provider as dictated by the Maryland Board of Dental Examiners. We provide electronic forms in order to comply with state law and HIPAA, and to provide us with the information necessary (ie. medical history) to provide care safely and effectively.

12. What services does District Mobile Dental provide in a first visit?

A first visit includes the following and typically spans about 60 minutes: A comprehensive examination with periodontal evaluation, head and neck examination, comprehensive x-rays and oral cancer screening. Before the completion of your visit, our dentist will explain any existing conditions and recommend the best treatment plan options to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.

13. How much does a New Patient initial visit cost?

A New Patient visit starts at $329.00.

14. If during an examination the dentist finds that additional treatment is needed, will that treatment be performed at that time?

We require prior authorization from a responsible party before any additional treatments are provided. We place an emphasis on communication so that all parties understand prior to treatment which treatment options available, what those treatments entail and the fees associated with each treatment option.

15. Do you provide emergency care?

We typically arrange for emergency care within 24 hours and make every effort to treat the emergency at that visit, with our primary focus being pain management.

16. Do you practice infection control?

We follow every OSHA standard and our care is as safe as any traditional dental office. Whenever possible, we use disposable (one time use) products while providing care. All of our instruments are sterilized after every single use and we meet or exceed government standards with regard to safety, including the provision of safe water.

17. These forms ask a great deal of personal information. How do I know this information will be protected?

Your data is safe and secure with our HIPAA compliant patient management and registration software, as well as our secure hosting site.